1. Speak to us

Timothy always prefers to speak to our prospective commissioners personally. Email us at models@timothyrichards.com with a brief outline of your project or to arrange a phone call. We are more than happy to call our potential commissioners but if you prefer, the workshop can be reached on +44 (0)1225 311 499. If you are in the United States you will need to dial 011 44 1225 311 499.

2. Send us photos

Most of the time, we can find images on-line, which are sufficient for us to provide a quote and design. Any images you can send us, will help to speed up the process. Timothy will then provide a design sketch.

3. Receive a quotation


    Includes the following details -

  • Size and Form 

  • Price and payment terms 

  • Edition and quantity

  • Timetable