Written by Liz Jobey

This month we were lucky enough to be featured in an article for The Financial Times magazine which introduces the newly refurbished Sir John Soane's Model Room. The full article can be read on the FT Website here.

One model definitely in need of some loving care is Fouquet’s fragile “Choragic Monument of Lysicrates”, which was badly damaged during the war: a ruined, once perfect model of a ruin.

“The model lost its dome,” says Timothy Richards, who works with the Soane and is one of very few model-makers skilled enough to repair it. “That’s the main problem with Fouquets,” he says from his workshop in Bath. “Plaster is such an elegant material. It has wonderful qualities. It is a very porous material, and, left alone under its dome, it’s completely happy. But the thing about Fouquet models — as soon as they lost their glass domes they were doomed.” For him, the Fouquets count as geniuses. “The tiny tiles on the Choragic Monument . . . are exactly correct according to the Stuart drawing [made by the architect James Stuart in 1752-54]. If you count across, they are exactly spot-on. At that kind of scale, it’s unbelievable.”

— Liz Jobey interviewing Timothy Richards for FT magazine